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French Tartines with Pistou

Hands-on time: 5 min - Cooking time: 10 min - Serves 4 Claude & Basil say: This can also be enjoyed as a full meal with a salad but is great for a snack or a quick lunch. INGREDIENTS - 2 tins 1/6 (230 g) sardines in Pistou (basil) sauce (from the Belle-Iloise to eat warm selection) - 4 slices sourdough bread - 50 g grated cheese (we use gruyere but a strong cheddar will also be delicious). Goats cheese would also be lovely with the pistou and Provencal flavours of the sardines. PREPARATION - In a bowl lightly crush the sardines in their sauce to form a rough paste. - Spread your sardines in generous quantity onto the sourdough slices - Top-up with...

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