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Tagliatelle Zanzibar

Hands-on time : 5 min - Cooking time : 10 min - Serves 2 Claude & Basil say: We love this way of serving the Zanzibar style tuna chunks! All our fish chunks can be used for this recipe you just need to mix and match the ingredients!  INGREDIENTS - 2 tins 1/10 (160 g) of belle-iloise tuna chunks Zanzibar style - 160 g tagliatelle - 1 medium ripe tomato - 3 large spoons of crème fraiche - Some parsley to serve. PREPARATION - Cook the pasta as per the instructions on packet in salty water - Dice the tomato - While the pasta is cooking in a small saucepan lightly warm up the crème fraiche, diced tomato and the Zanzibar style tuna chunks...

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