Rue Traversette - The Indispensables

Artisan and producer since 2005 based in a little village between Montpellier and Béziers in the French Languedoc.

For over 12 years RueTRAVERSETTE has been putting in pots everything good and wholesome that the wonderful world of vegetables (and fruits and herbs and spices!) has to offer. Using local fresh produce, organic wherever possible. Rue Traversette is all about getting the best out of local vegetables and ingredients to create fun and original recipes.

The products are entirely free of additives and preservatives, and naturally they’re all gluten free too! All the products are Vegan, except for those that contain honey, the only ingredient of animal origin in use.  

​Claude & Basil fell in love with these products on their last trip to France and we hope that you will too!

The Indispensables are little jars of deliciousness you can't do without! With more classic flavours, they are perfect on their own or why not try them with a filet of sardine or mackerel?